Sunday, August 20, 2023

August 24th Acadiana Open Tying

Acadiana Open Night Fly Tying
Thursday, August 24, 2023

6:00pm meeting
Pack & Paddle Outpost, 601 E. Pinhook, Lafayette

This month, Flip will be demo tying a redfish version of the famous Stu Apte orange tarpon fly. If you wish to tie along, materials will be provided. If you have it available, please bring some fluorescent pink or fluorescent orange thread in a size 210 or 3/0.

Acadiana Open Community Tying is a group of independent tiers who gather for the enjoyment of tying and to share stories and cold beer.  Though not affiliated with Acadiana Fly Rodders, several club members are usually on hand and happy to assist any beginners. 

As always, this event is open to the public.  Bring your tools if you have any.  If not, we have tools available for use during the session.  Or just come and watch.  Come early and get some retail therapy in Pack and Paddle.