Saturday, January 2, 2021

January 2021 Virtual Tying Tuesdays

Tuesday, January 12th
Ozark Craw
Deadline for materials request: Monday, Jan. 4th

Jim Johnson will lead us in tying Chris Johnson's "Ozark Craw".  This fly is a crawfish imitation which is effective on multiple species.  It's also fairly simple to tie.

Tuesday, January 26th
Pattern TBA

Deadline for materials request:  Monday, Jan.  18th

Please check back to this same post later on for details of the pattern to be tied.

For all sessions:

Link to request sample materials:

Active participants can join us via Zoom (  Download the app for use on any PC, tablet, or smartphone. If you do -not- have the password for our virtual tying sessions, please email Bill Morrison or Mike Carlin.

*new* Casual observers are now encouraged to join us via live-streaming on YouTube!   No downloads necessary, just click on the link and watch.   If you have a YouTube app on your smartphone or tablet (almost all do), you can even cast it onto your TV  (if it has an internet connection).   Watching the session on large screen high-definition is a blast!