Saturday, September 19, 2020

Sept 29th Tying Tuesday - Countach Plus Nymph

Virtual Fly Tying
Tuesday, September 29th
6:00pm (see email for meeting id)

VTT is open to all members of recognized fly fishing clubs. Join the meeting at using meeting ID and password. Members of Kisatchie Fly Fishers, Acadiana Fly Rodders, and Red Stick Fly Fishers should receive this by email.If you did not receive the ID and password, email Bill Morrison.

For this session, Catch Cormier will lead us in tying the "Countach Nymph Plus".  Or "Knuckle Dragger Plus".  The story is that Clark "Cheech" Pierce created the Countach Nymph while John Newbury created an almost identical fly called the Knuckle Dragger. When the two were both named to the Fulling Mill Pro Staff, they learned of each other's fly. And had a good laugh. Great minds think alike!

Whatever you decide to call it, definitely include the "Plus".  The plus is the addition of antron in the abdomen and a tiny marabou tail. Catch says the original is a killer for trout and bream, but the "Plus" version is 🔥

Materials to be used:
- hook: barbless jig, size 12 (Gamakatsu J20-B, Fulling Mill 5045)
- bead: 1/8" tungsten, black nickel
- legs: grizzly flutter legs, rootbeer (1 strand)
- abdomen: antron dubbing, color Rust or March Brown
- thorax: micro pine squirrel zonker, color Rust
- ribbing: midge diamond braid (twisted), color tan or pearl or rootbeer

* To request a bag of sample materials (ties 2-3 flies) please fill out the form link. We will mail out on Thursday prior to the meeting. Future tying sessions are included. Materials Request Form